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Daikin Fuji Electric Fujitsu General LG Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Panasonic Samsung Toshiba

And many other brands. Discover the compatibility here

Easy and intuitive WiFi AC Control from anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or computer

Easier than ever, always within reach, always under control

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Practical energy savings and economy

  • Set up the patterns that work for you, have the units running only when you want them, all the rest is savings.
  • Easy. Optimise your resources, run set scenes and receive personalised alerts.
  • Tens of functions. Automate one or more devices and control them together from any place in the world.

+16 Years of experience working with the best brands worldwide.

And many other brands. Discover the compatibility here

Works with

Your IntesisHome now works with IFTTT.

Connect it to other applications or products.

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