Our R&D is your Business

In IntesisHome we design, customize and manufacture WiFi controllers for Heat Pump and Air Conditioners for large brands to enter effortlessly into the word of smart heating and cooling.

We work close to the major HVAC companies to offer the most reliable, proven and complete solution that has already been adopted by some of the most important brands: Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc.

Connecting the Air Conditioning systems to the cloud opens a new wide range of possibilities, so it will move them a step forward by making IoT compatible.

We are able to help HVAC companies launch smart Air Conditioners in minimal time with no additional R&D costs.

Intesishome Products

The most noteworthy current Brand Specific devices developed with some of the major HVAC companies:


Based on our HVAC IoT and IntesisHome App, we can adapt the solution and offer different levels of customization depending on the technical requirements of each client.

Airconwithme is Intesis’ second brand designed for Air Conditioner OEMs to enter effortlessly into the world of smart heating and cooling.

OEM customization can include:

  • Limited or new features
  • Rebranding and adaptation of existing app
  • OEM banners
  • Marketing tools: push notifications or brand advertising
  • New App design and development

Go to the Airconwithme web site to see further information: