Developers, offers your customers the control over different Air Conditioner brands.


IntesisHome offers connectivity with 3rd Party Systems of Energy Management, Facility Management or Building Management Systems. It lets other companies to enhance the capabilities of their own systems and services:


savings policies


Remote maintenance


Demand response applications

Do you know IntesisHome is the only service with specific and universal WiFi devices for the climate system control?

The specific device offers bidirectional communication and AC error code and descriptions for most well known brand.

The universal controller offers an easy way to control AC units with an IR receiver.

What are you waiting for?

rest api documentation

Discover the way you need to communicate with our API to get the control.


In this section you will find the handshake process (permissions and justifications) for the authorization of an external application to work along with IntesisHome.

First you need a justification.

Let us known what your service want to offer to improve our users experience. Please, use our contact form to get in touch with us and tell us a bit more about your idea.

Our web authorization process works on OAuth2.


Public API Terms of Use

By using the Public API, you agree to the terms below. If you disagree with any of these terms, IntesisHome does not grant you a license to use the Public API. We reserve the right to update and change these terms from time to time without notice. You can always find the most recent version of these terms here:

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