Smart Home & Buildings, Energy Efficiency, Smart Grids and added value services.

Almost every service offered is tending to the cloud (industry, hospitality, data storage, multimedia, etc.), and the same happens with the Home and Building Automation systems, that are tending to IoT solutions based on cloud connectivity more than local integrations that requires more hardware capabilities and onsite integration works.

Offering integrated cloud solutions wrapping different smart components and IoT devices is one of the best ways to offer added value services within our products.

By the Public Rest API, our B2B partners have the possibility to integrate the HVAC control into their own Smart Control or IoT solution and expand the services they can offer.

Utilities and Telcos

Or other service companies that want to offer a complete Smart or IoT system.

Smart Home and Smart Buildings

Include the HVAC system in the existing automation system.

Facility Management

Integrating AC and HP systems for preventive and corrective maintenance new services.

Energy Management

Controlling the HVAC systems will help to implement energy savings policies while maintaining the room always in a comfortable temperature.

Smart grids – Demand response

Air conditioning real-time remote control offers the possibility to reduce energy demand during peak load hours.

“Works with” IntesisHome

How do we offer compatibility with 3rd Party Systems?

IntesisHome enables the HVAC IoT by providing a common cloud communication point with the 3rd Party System’s Cloud regardless of the devices and AC system. Bringing data from field installations into the B2B partner own application.

Based on Oauth2 standard Authorization methods, we offer to our B2B partners the most reliable and proven solution with thousands of devices and users around the world.


The user just must sign into the 3rd Party App, tell it to connect to IntesisHome and then verify its IntesisHome Account.

It’s private, secure, and the user is always in control of the connection.


It is a server to server communication, so the authentication and authorization are granted by both cloud systems.

It is OEM and high added value services oriented since it lets the devices to be directly connected to the 3rd party system cloud.