What is a push notification?

 The new capability of the IntesisHome system to send push notifications.

As many of you may be aware of, a new release of our IntesisHome app has been done, the v2.1. In this new release, we have added some new functionalities. One of the advantages of this new release states is the capability of the system to send push notifications.

What is a push notification?

Before explaining how it will affect the functionality of the system lets make sure everybody understands what we are talking about.

A push notification is nothing, but a message sent from our IntesisHome server to the app, so we can be sure the end user gets the message. The idea of these type of messages is to make aware the user that something changed even when the application is closed.

We can find a good example of push notification on WhatsApp. Your phone shows you an event every time you receive a message, so you know someone has written you without having the need to open the app. Once you see the notification, if you click on it the application is opened so you can see all the information and take the actions needed.

How does this work in IntesisHome?

This functionality is very useful since we can activate a push notification for example when an error happens in our system, so we can call the technician the sooner the better, or the ambient temperature drops below a certain temperature, so we can turn the HVAC system on. With these notifications, the IntesisHome server will be able to “awake” our phone so we know what is going on and we can act accordingly.

For IntesisHome system to know what messages must be sent, the user must subscribe to preconfigured alerts. The notifications available are the following:

  • AC unit error
  • AC unit error recovery
  • AC unit operation mode status change
  • AC unit set point temperature status change
  • AC unit On/Off status change
  • Ambient temperature below a selected temperature value
  • Ambient temperature above a selected temperature value
  • AC power consumption above a selected consumption value
  • Outdoor temperature below a selected temperature value
  • Outdoor temperature above a selected temperature value

*Not all notifications are available for all Intesishome devices

How to configure the push notifications in IH?

This concept of notifying changes is not new, we are just adding another way to notify. There has always been the email notification concept in IntesisHome, so you could send these notifications to your own e-mail account and, additionally, you can introduce up to 5 new recipients.

Obviously, this email notification system will remain, the Push Notification is another way to get the information, so you can decide which alerts and in which way you want to receive, adapting the system to your needs.

We try to make it easy for you, so we are just adding the option to get this push notifications by adding in the same menu a picture of a phone as well to indicate we want to get a push notification via the app.

To start enjoying this new feature, simply follow these steps next:

– Open the following URL in your web browser: https://user.intesishome.com

– Insert your username and password

– Click on the configuration icon

– On the left menu, select Notifications

Now, set up all notifications you want the way you want.

 Any further question?