What is a push notification?

What is a push notification?  The new capability of the IntesisHome system to send push notifications. As many of you may be aware of, a new release of our IntesisHome app has been done, the v2.1. In this new release, we have added some new functionalities. One of the...


OEM HVAC IoT Our R&D is your business. To give an extra value to the products makes a big difference in this extremely competitive market. Connecting the HVAC systems to the cloud opens a new wide range of possibilities, so it will move them a step forward by...

HVAC IoT for B2B Partners

HVAC IoT for B2B Partners Smart home & Buildings, energy efficiency, smart grids, and added value services. The IoT technology offers many new possibilities, but as always happens in the technology world the changes go very fast, making these new technologies...

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