IntesisHome has become a real HVAC IoT solution for Home and Facility Management. A complete system in the cloud for the remote climate control, allowing management from our App and web application and offering integration with 3rd party systems.

Thanks to the main brand’s endorsement and confidence, and a continuous development in the professional sector, IntesisHome offers the most reliable and proven Multi-Brand Cloud Solution for Air Conditioner and Heat Pumps systems in residential and commercial market.

professional partners

IntesisHome is a real professional oriented offer. The combination of our professional partners experience in their business areas – such as Building Automation, Maintenance, Energy Management, etc. – with IntesisHome turn key system will provide an outstanding solution for their markets.

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business to business

IntesisHome bids for reaching agreements with companies to offer a bundle solution to their markets. Offering compatibility with 3rd party systems enhance any IoT solution and is one of the best ways to make IoT get everywhere.

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At IntesisHome we design, customize and manufacture WiFi controllers for Heat Pumps & Air Conditioner for AC brands to enter effortlessly into the world of smart heating and cooling.

We offer standard, customized and OEM solutions with the last cutting edge features for their residential and commercial products.

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