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The business climate is one of the highest expenses. Learn how IntesisHome can reduce this expense and calculate how much you could save on your store or office.

Desired temperature 21 ºC
AC working
Business open


IntesisHome can start heating or cooling your business before you get there and program it not to stay on more than necessary.

Check how much you can save using IntesisHome in your business

IntesisHome can start heating or cooling your business before you get there and program it not to stay on more than necessary.

Results are estimations based on certain parameters.

Every day you left your AC unit on, you loose

In 5 months with our solution you save

5 IntesisHome improvements for your business

Where IntesisHome works on the real life?


A great theater, a different space

IntesisHome is a suitable solution for any space. Here Karen talks about the theater she manages: there are multiple spaces, multipurpose rooms, office area, rent rooms, coffee shop, etc ... All with different air systems, managed separately and even several of them of a certain age.

"I estimate that we save around 15% throughout the year compared with the management we had before using this automation."

Until now, this smart management for the theater was not even imagined. Now, they share the management of all devices among multiple users, may have closing programmed patterns for the AC units and receive email when any incident occurs.


Dennis Burket, Office Manager

Spacious offices with many different devices installed: Some in the main halls, others in the meeting rooms and video conferencing, offices ... All with their remote controls.

"We managed to centrally control and monitor all AC units we have installed, manage more than 20 AC units from the office is no longer a problem."

Before, management was chaotic, remote controllers disappeared, each AC unit was working at its own, AC units where left on... With the centralized management, the Office Manager is able to monitor all devices are working as expected from a single interface, optimizing their use and ensuring no one forgets the unit on.


Retail, a store focused on desgin.

David, the owner of the store located near Barcelona is a person who likes having its store impeccable, as well as the products in its showroom. He has synchronized the opening hours of his shop with the operation hours of the AC system thanks to IntesisHome.

"Many days, the AC was left on by mistake".

Savings are significant even in a small shop, less than 100m2, management from the smartphone is now the most comfortable option and also ensures that your AC will not be running those days the store is closed or during not working hours.