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Discover IntesisHome, the best HVAC IoT Solution

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IntesisHome, the best HVAC IoT Solution.


IntesisHome is the HVAC IoT solution created by Intesis for Home and Facility Management. It is the most complete system in the cloud for the remote climate control, allowing management from the Smartphone, Tablet or any web browser in an easy, intuitive and attractive way for the final consumer.


How we do it

First thing we must do is to communicate with the HVAC System, so we need to install the IntesisHome device. This device is the gateway to communicate with the AC unit.

The communication with the AC units is bidirectional. It means that we send commands to the AC unit and we understand its status. This is the key to keep well synchronized what we show and what really happens.

The IntesisHome gateways are WiFi devices, so to bring these statuses to our cloud, we use the WLAN of the building where the device is installed.

The communication between the device and the cloud is bidirectional as well, so we send the status of the AC unit to the cloud and it sends instructions to the device.


How to control the HVAC System

Once we have brought the communication with the device to the cloud, we can control the Air Conditioner wherever we are, using a common user interface, regardless of the Air Conditioner or Heat Pump manufacturer.

We have different options:


IntesisHome doesn’t limit the control of the AC units to our apps and webs, IntesisHome is ready to communicate with 3rd Party Systems. The Public Rest API allows our B2B partners (as Utility and Telecom companies) to have the possibility to integrate the HVAC control into their own IoT solutions for Smart Home & Buildings, Energy Efficiency Solutions, Smart Grids Applications and Value-Added Services.

We understand that with the interaction with other clouds we may offer many other different services to our customers. A good example of these integrations is IFTTT. As you may know, IFTTT is a wide used platform that allows an easy integration with a huge range of cloud services available in the market: Alexa, Google Home, Nest, etc.



Our main strengths

IntesisHome offers many functionalities, covering different needs and making the system unique. These are the main strengths we would like to highlight.

  • Real-Time Control and Monitor: IntesisHome provides you full control of your HVAC system, the same functionalities you have in your Remote Controller, plus many others.
  • Multi-Site: With IntesisHome you can control more than one project from the same dashboard. Organize all devices in 3 different levels so you can easily manage your Multi-Site installation anywhere you are.
  • Multi-Brand: IntesisHome is compatible with most popular systems, so you can control all AC units from the same dashboard no matter their brand.
  • Multi-User: Since more than one user may be using the application we have set different user types. You can create and manage different users, giving the control of some units and restricting the control of others depending on each user´s needs.