Can I control IntesisHome with Amazon Alexa?

Can I control IntesisHome with Amazon Alexa?


The IntesisHome – Amazon Alexa integration allows you to control your IntesisHome devices through voice commands. It also makes IntesisHome devices part of your Amazon Alexa system, which leads to many useful and different ways to interact with your home.

In order to start the linking process between IntesisHome and Amazon Alexa, you will need the following:

You will also need either a smartphone with the Amazon Alexa app (which you can download on the Google play store or on the Apple store) or access to a web browser.

To control your AC units using the IntesisHome service, you will need an Alexa-compatible device (Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Smartphone with Amazon Alexa app…).

Once you are ready, you can begin the linking process by opening the Amazon Alexa application on your phone. Log in with your Amazon account and follow the steps until this screen appears:

1. Then, click on the icon that’s on the upper left corner. That will show a list of options.


2. Select “Skills & Games”.


3. Then, look for the IntesisHome skill by pressing on the lens appearing on the top-right corner.


4. Tap on the IntesisHome Skill and tap on “Enable to use”.

5. An IntesisHome webpage will then appear, asking you to log in.


6. Once logged in, you will be able to select what devices and scenes you want to control using Amazon Alexa.


7. Select those and leave the others unmarked, then press “Continue”.

8. When your IntesisHome account is successfully linked to Amazon, close the linking window by taping on the “X” button that’s on the top left corner.


9. A screen will then appear, in which you will have to tap on the “Discover Devices” button that’s on the bottom right corner.


10. It will then start a process of discovering that will last around 20 to 40 seconds, and after it is completed, the app will lead you to a screen where you can assign your devices and scenes to any room you have created using the Amazon Alexa app.

Watch the video guide and follow the step-by-step instructions

Explore and discover all that Amazon Alexa has to offer along with the IntesisHome service!

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