What’s a scene and how do I set up? 

What’s a scene and how do I set up?

1. To start creating a Scene, click the + button of the add scene widget. 


2. In the Scenes setup page, you can give a name for the new scene by clicking the edit name button.  Type a name of your choice for the scene and click the Save button to store, click cancel button or X to undo. 


3. Select the device to configure by clicking the device-tag in the Devices column. 

4. Select all the commands you want to be sent to the AC Unit at the activation of the scene and repeat this step for all the devices. 

NOTE: In order to set up an OFF command, you must first click on the widget to enable it, and then turn it off. Only the widgets that aren’t greyed out will activate when the scene plays. 


5. The commands are stored directly in the scene after activating and selecting the settings.  

When you have activated all the required commands for the scene, go back to the scenes page by clicking the Back/Home arrow on the top of the page. 

The scenes are stored on the Scenes page. Once a scene is made or edited it still must be activated. Click the Play button to run the scene. 

To edit the scene, click the edit icon in the left corner of the scene widget. 

To delete the scene, click on the delete icon in the left corner of the scene widget and follow the instructions. 

Scenes can be set a timer that will allow those actions to execute at a certain time for an undefined period of time. By default, timers are set to OFF. 

To create a timer, add a scene or edit an existing one with the actions you want to temporize. Then activate the scene’s timer function by sliding the Temporize selector to “ON”. 

A. Temporize: By activating the Temporize function, more selectors become available for time configuration. 


B. Time: Select the time in hours and minutes that you want the scene to be executed. 


C. Repeat: If repeat is set to ON, and the timer is set to Active = ON, the scene will be repeated on the pre-set time. If repeat is set to OFF the scene shall only be executed once on the pre-set time when the scene is set to run. 


D. Active: If active is set to OFF and Temporize is ON, the selection is stored in the scene but shall not be temporized until Active is set ON. 

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