Can I control IntesisHome with Siri Shortcuts?

Can I control IntesisHome with Siri Shortcuts?


The IntesisHome integration with Siri Shortcuts allows you to control your IntesisHome devices using the voice-over system of Apple, Siri. Scenes can be executed, and parameters can be changed through this system.

In order to set up a simple order, like turning on the AC Unit, the procedure is what follows:

1. In the control screen of the IntesisHome app, tap on the round colored button on the top right corner of the screen to start the configuration.

2. Then, set the widget to the status you wish to enable when the command is triggered and tap on the circle that appears on that widget.

A screen will appear that will allow you to record the voice command you want the service to recognize in order to trigger the command. The written sentence is a suggestion, but you can record whatever sentence you want.

3. Press the “REC” button to start the recording of the sentence that will trigger the Siri command.

4. Say the sentence once this screen pops up since it’s when the recording will start.

Once recorded, the App will show the sentence that’s been recorded. You can then press the Re-Record Phrase button that will allow you to record the sentence again in case Siri misunderstood the sentence or if you want to change it.

5. After finishing with the setup of the sentence, press “Done”.

6. In order to set up the interaction between Siri and scenes, we need to go to the scenes screen of the app. Once there, tap on the “Edit” button on the top left corner.

If you haven’t set up any scenes yet, please check this article that shows how to create them.

7. Afterward, click on the scene you want a Siri command to execute with.

8. Tap on the “Add to Siri” button to start the learning process of the Siri command.

9. Press the “REC” button to start the recording of the sentence that will trigger the Siri command. The behavior is the same as the one explained above.

This time, as an example, we have not used the suggested phrase, showing that you can record whatever phrase you like. In this case, we’ve used the sentence “I am leaving”.

If the Siri service isn’t certain on what it understood, there’ll be an option to edit the recorded phrase, which will show you different readings for the recording and will let you re-record the phrase.

10. When you are done with the configuration of the command, tap on the Done button.

Once you have set up all the Siri commands you want to execute alongside the IntesisHome service, you just need to activate Siri and say the commands you wish to execute. You can activate the Siri command receiving service by pressing and holding the iPhone/iPad button. When you do, say the command and this window will appear.

You can confirm the action by either pressing RUN or by saying something of the likes of OKAY. Once confirmed, Siri will confirm the execution and this window will pop up.

Watch the video guide and follow the step-by-step instructions

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