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Compatible with most market brands


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How does it work?

We have two solutions to adapt to your needs. One general solution and another one more specific with more demanding functions.

We cloud control your A/C and enrich its operation.

Choose your device

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Put it on the wall and if it is near the A/C it can feed from it and reduce the visible cables.

Put the IntesisHome anywhere in the room and it will connect by infrared to the A/C. Follow the instructions and start it up in just a few minutes.

Brand specific

Install InstesisHome in your A/C and leave it working. It will be connected directly to your A/C and you will get more from it.


Two models to match your needs

Brand specific
Brand specific
Operating modes: Cool, Heat, Auto, Fan, Dry
Set Point
Ambient temperature
Fan Speed
Timer & Scenes
Programmable yearly calendar
Multiple areas / Installation*
Multiple users (Owner & Secondary users)*

Català, Croatian, Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Hungarian, Italiano, Limba română, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Português, Svenska, Türkçe, ελληνικά, русский язык, 中文

Signal error
Error Code & Description
Error messages by email*
Weather forecasts Coming soon Coming soon
Push messages (Errors & Alarm) Coming soon Coming soon
User defined alarms email notifications
  • - Ambient Temperature below ...
  • - Ambient Temperature above ...
  • - On/Off Change
  • - Change mode
  • - Set Temperature Change
Set point temperature limitation Coming soon
Amount of hours the AC unit is On Coming soon

* Available only on the web.

Specific features (depending on the A/C model & brand)

Exterior temperature
Operating temperature 8/10ºC
Immediate energy consumption
Total energy consumption

Extra functions*

Voice Commands
Interaction with Nest, Belkin WeMo, Phillips Hue, etc
Binary Input (Presence Sensor & Window Contact)
Extremes Protection
iOS VoiceOver Support

* Extra functions are offered by third party services.

What's included in the box

Universal Controller includes:
  • Power adaptor with 4 different plugs.
  • Power adaptor extensive cable.
  • Drop-slip adhesive.
  • IntesisHome Universal Controller.
Brand specific controller includes:
  • Specific AC connection wire.
  • External WiFi antenna.
  • External temperature sensor.
  • IntesisHome Brand Specific Controller.

Works with

Your IntesisHome now works with IFTTT. Connect it to other devices and applications.

Integration with IFTTT

Follow the IntesisHome blog and Twitter. We are making new integrations you will be able to use with your device soon.



The IntesisHome API gives you access to thousands of different A/C models to create a smarter home.