IntesisHome Functions

Discover everything you can do with the IntesisHome system!

IntesisHome offers all the control needed, in a simple and intuitive way:

  • Full control of your HVAC system, we provide the same functionalities you have in your Remote Controller.
  • We add the Web and App control and monitor, we do not replace your Remote Controller, so you can use both simultaneously.

Once we control and monitor the status of the AC unit, we use the latest technologies to provide the most advanced functionalities. 

  • Some functionalities will be executed in our servers.
  • Other functionalities will be executed in the device.

IntesisHome tries to cover the needs of every possible customer, so we have created some advanced functions professional usage oriented.

The integration with 3rd party systems has become crucial in the IoT world. We have already created compatibility with the most popular systems for our users to enjoy them. But that is not enough, we keep working hard to develop more.