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IntesisHome System Strengths

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We highlight the strengths of the IntesisHome system


The usage of Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps systems is widely extended, and we can find climate solutions almost in any building. These buildings are used for many different purposes, so the needs vary from one to the other.

The IntesisHome application, as a cloud BMS for climate systems, offers many functionalities, covering different needs and making the system unique.

These are the main strengths we would like to highlight:



With IntesisHome you can control more than one site from the same dashboard. In our system you can organize all devices in 3 different levels, so you can easily manage your Multi-Site installation anywhere you are.

These are the 3 different levels offered:

  • Facility
  • Zone
  • Devices

IntesisHome web application


While organizing the distribution of your climate units, the only thing you must consider is that the time zone is defined in the Facility area. This is important as many of the configurable actions are time-based.

IntesisHome multi-user



Since more than one person may need access to the IntesisHome system we have set different user types. You can create and manage different users, giving the control of some units and restricting the control of others depending on their needs.


These are the 3 different users we offer:

  • Primary user.
  • Secondary user.
  • Lite user







Usually, in the buildings, not all the Air Conditioning or Heat Pumps units (AC/HP units) are the same brand, and to have a different application to control each of them may be annoying. This Multi-Branding capability gives you the chance to control from the same dashboard different manufacturers units.

We have 2 different hardware solutions, the universal and brand-specific device. The universal controller can manage any AC/HP unit with an Infrared port. As not all AC/HP units are Infrared controlled, we have the brand specific series, which is directly connected to the AC/HP unit.

 IntesisHome compatibilities


In our compatibility list, you can see if your climate system is compatible with IntesisHome products. All this information is available on our website:


Real-time control and monitoring

IntesisHome provides you full control of your climate system, the same functionalities you have in your Remote Controller, plus many others.

 IntesisHome Functions


The Remote Controllers are provided by the AC/HP unit manufacturer (Infrared Controller or a Wall Mounted one) as one way to control and monitor the Climate systems.

IntesisHome adds more ways to control your AC/HP unit, like Web and App. Since our system is capable to understand the commands sent by the manufacturers controllers we do not replace them, you can use both simultaneously.