Use Case: Integration of HVAC control with an Energy Management System

Use Case: Integration of HVAC control with an Energy Management System

Use Case

Integration of HVAC control with an Energy Management System

Integrated cloud solutions for B2B partners: Energy services companies, Utilities, Telcos and OEM companies integrating IoT technology related to energy.

Insights and Control for property managers

Offices, schools, hotels, clinics, apartment blocks are all examples of large buildings housing many people with their own comfort needs. The common denominator is that none of them are directly confronted with their consumption bills.

Especially in the areas of heating and cooling small changes in usage can be quite substantial in the total consumed energy. Smappee and IntesisHome are offering a bundle solution that enhances the capabilities of both systems:

  • IntesisHome provides control of the HVAC systems to implement energy savings policies while maintaining the room always in a comfortable temperature: Complete management from any web browser for facility managers, energy managers or property owners. And control for the user from any Smartphone or Tablet.
  • Smappee provides those insights to all parties involved: The property manager can see the overview on the Smappee web-based dashboard, the users can all use the Smappee app to see the consequences of their actions in real time and in a historic overview.

Climate the rooms to the right temperature in every moment and make sure that Air Conditioning unit or Heat Pump only works when it is really necessary is translated in a percentage rise or drop in energy consumption and Euros paid.

The potential of energy savings using the different IntesisHome special functions could be up to 40%. Smappee can easily identify usage patterns such as runtime during nights or weekends and remedied by programming the units accordingly using the integration with IntesisHome.

With Smappee, the user and property manager can also measure and verify these real savings as a consequence of their own energy savings policies.

In the next level, Smappee can identify usage patterns by combining insights from presence detection through appliance activity. The control of optimizing energy consumption and even self-consumption by adding solar production can be automated in this way. Smappee and IntesisHome are also compatible with IFTTT, making integrations with motion or other sensors of well-known brands a piece of cake.