IntesisHome is the only solution in the market providing an Universal and AC brand specifics WiFi devices to manage the Air Conditioners from anywhere.



Universal WiFi device allows you to control any Air Conditioner with Infrared (IR) receiver. The Universal device works as your standard wireless remote controller sending commands to the indoor unit. In addition, the Universal IntesisHome device is equipped with an IR receiver allowing it to receive any command you sent using your standard wireless remote controller and updating the changes in our app and web. That means you can use the IntesisHome solution and the Manufacturer wireless remote controller together without problems.

Specific WIFI device by AC brand offers you the possibility to have all the control of your AC unit in your hand. These WiFi devices communicates with the AC Indoor Unit using the manufacturer communication protocol. That means communication is 100% bidirectional and all the information showed in our app or web is real. In addition thanks to this communication we show you or send you by e-mail extra information as per example: Error Signals, Code of the Error, Description of the Error. With some AC manufacturers we can inform you also about the Outdoor Temperature, Energy Consumption, etc.

IntesisHome installation options:

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